After crying most of today because I was reminded how much my illness still stops me from doing, I had some thoughts on how to get out of this negative thinking space and focus on the good!! 💭 Sometimes I will be enjoying life so much that I forget I’m sick, I forget everything and I’m just free of the struggles. But then something happens and I’m reminded of it. This is when I get the most upset about it. I think we all go through those times where we wish we were “normal” and didn’t face the daily struggles that we do. We wish we could do everything a “normal” person could and not be disabled or held back from doing these things. I’ve come to realise however that in these times it’s important to remember that everyone faces struggles, everyone has daily challenges that we aren’t aware of the same way some people aren’t aware of ours. I was crying about an incident that happened yesterday in which I was reminded that I can’t do everything that a normal person could, when mum reminded me that it’s my illness that makes me unique. Sure I can’t do most that a normal person can but that just makes me more grateful for the things I can do that a normal person would take for granted. Celebrate the little victories. In times where we focus on how much we can’t do it’s important to remember how far we’ve come and how much we can!! It just makes me appreciate those times when I’m happiest even more and those times when I forget even more special because they’re truly the happiest times of my life. Make a list or a photo album or a blog, anything to remind you of those times to help you focus on the positives!! It helps me get out of a negative mind and just encourages me to keep fighting for those special memories!! x 🌛

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