This blog post is one of a series I’ve started on ‘Lifestyle Changes’. I recommend reading my previous post on how to avoid stress as it connects with this one too!


A large part of POTS is a constantly low blood pressure and an excessively fast heart rate. A normal resting heart rate for a fit teenager would be between 60 and mid 70’s bpm. My resting heart rate averages 89bpm and when Dr Driscoll used to have POTS hers got as high as 120bpm. When we exercise, especially standing up, our heart rate increases even more than it should no matter how fit we are and can cause tachycardias.

The fourth lifestyle change to make it is to exercise lying or sitting and to find low stress forms of exercise. This decreases the chance of a tachycardia and helps with dizziness and blood pressure. It basically makes exercising bearable. 

Sorry, I will be back to finish this post soon… Anneke xo

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